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School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team (SLT) of Repton Malaysia – Principal and Deputy Principals – work as a team to meet the goals and aspirations as directed by the school’s Academic Committee, as well as the school’s Board.

The objective of the school’s Academic Committee and Board is to ensure that assessment principles, processes, methods and practices are aligned with Repton’s desired learning outcomes.

Members of the incoming School Leadership Team are:


Mr Clive Rogers

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications: Master's Degree Sociology [MSc] Masters Degree Art [MA] Bachelor Arts [ Education] Certificate of Education, Diploma Human Resources Management

Mr Clive Rogers career spans over 40 years of international education experience working in many countries from Europe, Caribbean, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

During these years he was involved and worked for many institutions including the British Council, Department of Education, Youth Sports Trust, International Baccalaureate World Schools and has been a Founding Principal of IB and British International Schools and as a Partnership Manager of 27 schools in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

He began his teaching in the United Kingdom in 1976 as a Physical Education teacher, which allowed him to work in many diverse sporting industries such as Sport England and Watford FC.

His first venture abroad was in 1979 after which he found that being exposed to different cultures and educational systems allowed him to expand his career and experiences in the field of educational leadership which ultimately led him to become a Principal and a leader of international schools. As a seasoned leader he continues to strive and offer valuable perspectives and solutions in what has been arguably the toughest time to be in education. His dedication to changing student outcomes and commitment to developing a strong and trusting school culture are some of the main reasons why he continues to enjoy his role as a Principal combined with him having a deep empathy for teachers and the work they do in classrooms each day.

He holds two Masters Degrees MSc, MA and a Bachelor Degree BA [Education], Certificate in Education and Diploma in Human Resource Management.

He is absolutely delighted to be the Principal at Repton International School and to play an important part of this exciting journey and looks forward to meeting all of the Repton community in the very near future.


Ms Sylvie Meurein
Deputy Principal

Country of Origin: Belgium
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, a Diploma in TESOL and is an approved French examiner for CAIE, and persuing Masters in Education

As a French native speaker, Sylvie has over 17 years in education and with over 7 years of experience heading Pre-Primary and Primary schools. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree, a Diploma in TESOL and is an approved French examiner for CAIE.

A dynamic, resourceful teaching professional with a genuine interest in the cognitive, affective and social growth of children, Sylvie is highly experienced and proficient in differentiated teaching and learning, with experience teaching in different countries, and across various grade levels (Pre-primary to university). She has gathered in-depth knowledge of various teaching and learning styles and has had in-depth exposure to all aspects of the functioning of a school right from admissions to teacher recruitment and training to developing the academic programme. A passionate and energetic educator, adept at creating a fun-filled and challenging learning environment to motivate and inspire children across all age groups.

Outside the classroom, Sylvie enjoys arts and crafts and cooking.

Kate Doyle  

Ms Kate Doyle
Deputy Principal for Early Years and Junior School

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications: BA

Kate is delighted to be leading the EYFS and Junior School as we embark on an exciting new adventure.

She is an experienced teacher and Senior Leader who has been working in England since qualifying. She has taught across all years in the Primary School from Nursery to Year 6 and developed an understanding of the way that children learn and how to engage them.

She has been a Senior Leader for several years and have worked in a range of schools across the UK. She has been involved in the rapid improvement of several Primary Schools and have a strong understanding of how to deliver excellent teaching and learning. She has taught several different curriculums in the UK as well as IPC. She believes that a challenging academic system is important and has designed the curriculum in several of her schools including Repton Malaysia.

She believes that the role of the EYFS Junior School is to embed a strong foundation of knowledge by providing experiences and skills that will serve our students for the rest of their lives. Alongside this, high quality pastoral care will support their emotional wellbeing and develop character, social competence and confidence. We achieve this through high quality, engaging learning experiences in an exciting enquiry based environment where children are encouraged and nurtured by our outstanding and dedicated team of highly qualified teachers. She looks forward to working closely with you on your child’s exciting journey.

Ian Midgley  

Mr Ian Midgley
Deputy Principal for Senior School & Sixth Form

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Hons), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Science), Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education Needs Coordination, Master of Education (MaEd)

Ian’s educational experience has been gained in the United Kingdom. For the past 9 years he has been part of both Middle and Senior Leadership Teams where he oversaw a wide diversity of people and aspects within schools. The academic range included academic direction for Year 7-19 year old students living and experiencing various curricula and courses including; English National Curriculum, GCSEs, BTECs and A Levels, all whilst working with different exam boards to maximise the outcomes for the students within the community.

In terms of an education philosophy; He is a passionate about developing a sustainable curriculum that is aspirational, inclusive and enriching for all students. As leaders and teachers he believes we must prioritise and develop the whole person, ensuring that young people can be fully prepared for their role as global twenty first century citizens.

Although he was a keen rugby player he is now just a follower of the sport and is very passionate about it. Now that he has three young children his time is spent on cycling and outdoor pursuits with them.



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