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Chen Yifan

Yifan rism alumniHello! Warmest greetings from me,Yifan, as a Reptonian, who just graduated from Repton International School Malaysia in June 2021. First of all, let me introduce myself in detail to let you know me better. My full name is Chen Yifan. But in Repton, most of my friends, classmates and teachers usually called me by the name ‘Alice’ because the English name would be easier for them to pronounce correctly! I am a 17 years old girl who was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. I am the only child in my family, so my parents always wanted me to receive a high standard of education. Hence, I think that might be one of the reasons why my parents let me study abroad at Repton International School Malaysia.

There are so many things I like to do during my spare time such as playing different instruments, painting, singing and reading books. Because of these hobbies, most of the IGCSE subjects I selected during my time studying in Repton were related to arts and music, which I think is really helpful for me to plan my career in the future. Studying at Repton also shaped me into a capable person. I used to be the student representative in Repton. Also, during the IGCSE exam in June, I scored A*and A for 5 out of 7 subjects and scored B for the other 2 subjects. Although I am not the best student , with the help of my dear teachers in Repton, I could always see my improvements and really become a better me during the time spent in Repton!

There are so many memorable and unforgettable moments during my 3 years with my friends and teachers in Repton as well. Such as having classes with Ms. Dominique and Ms. Nadine during weekends, playing music with Mr. Mon, playing badminton with my best friends in the gym, to name a few. However, the most impressive and significant moment for me was always when our Chemistry teacher, Ms Leballo, bought cakes to encourage and wish us to get good results in the exam and celebrated the end of our IGCSE journey. I still remember her speech that day which really had a huge impact in my life! Therefore, I would say, all the experiences and memories in Repton are the most precious things I will never forget!

Finally, I would also like to give some tips and advice for my juniors in Repton, especially for those who are preparing for the IGCSE exam next year! Please cherish your time with your classmates, friends and teachers in secondary school because you cannot imagine how fast three years pass. You all are now at the age where you should study hard. Thus, please be hardworking and do your best to achieve excellence! Most of the teachers in Repton will always provide the best assistance to make you better! When you feel tired and depressed because of the stresses from study, do not hesitate to seek help from the school, as I am pretty sure Repton will hear your voice and will not disappoint you. Good luck to all the Reptonians for your future! I will always look forward to seeing more outstanding people from Repton International School Malaysia.

Chen Yifan
Repton International School Alumni