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Repton International School

  • Repton International School
  • Repton International School
  • Repton International School
  • Repton International School
Repton International School in Malaysia builds on more than 460 years old philosophy and traditions of Repton United Kingdom.

The city of Derby in England was the birthplace of Repton United Kingdom in 1557. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom, and has since grown internationally with various Repton Schools established in the United Arab Emirates, China, Egypt, Bulgaria and Malaysia.

The founder of the school, Sir John Port, was an enlightened and generous benefactor who provided for the establishment of Repton School, through a provision in his will. Little did he know that his generosity would provide a world-class education for generations of pupils, and lead to the formation of a ‘family’ of international schools.

In partnership with Chip Eng Seng Corporation, Repton International School in Malaysia is part of this worldwide family in 2020 and enjoys many advantages from its global interactions. Pupils, staff, leaders, and governors from Repton International School in Malaysia benefit greatly from the progressive, lively, and ongoing education dialogue amongst these diverse minds.

At Repton International School in Malaysia, we cherish close links to Repton United Kingdom and with all Repton international schools around the world, all of which embrace the same values and commitment to excellence.

The fellowship and support traversing borders and cultures also strengthen the global Repton family in our united journey in educating well the students of today — leaders of tomorrow.


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